Esterle Mold & Machine Co. Inc. has bleacher seating solutions that meet all of your needs. The Tuf*Seat, created by Esterle, is an adaptable seating product that transforms ordinary bleacher seating into an entirely customizable and extremely comfortable place for your patrons to enjoy their entertainment. They are completely customizable and can be matched to specific colors. Best of all, our Tuf*Seat has been designed to endure all types of weather without splintering, absorbing moisture, or decomposing.


With over 30 years of exceptional experience, Esterle is excited to offer you unmatched quality at a competitive price. We have developed each of our amazing products with care and quality and put each one of our products through a rigorous quality control program. What’s more, because of our production program, we are able to offer your organization with the economy found in large production runs, even when you purchase smaller quantities.


Tuf-Bleacher-SeatingWhen Esterle diversified, we chose to capitalize on our long history of engineering, mold-making, machining, and injection molding services in order to create our Tuf*Seat products. The Tuf*Seat is ideally suited to your bleacher seating, providing an added level of comfort and style, no matter your specifications. Each Tuf*Seat is designed with an anti-slip, contoured seat bottoms and high, contoured back, specifically engineered to provide patrons with maximum comfort and support. Our seats are designed to attach to standard bleacher seating, making them easy to install as well.


Our Tuf*Seat system is a widely popular seating solution. Why not make its popularity work to your benefit by turning it into a fundraising opportunity? Esterle would be happy to discuss how our Tuf*Seat products can enhance your bleachers and raise money for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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At Esterle, we appreciate the significance of comfort and style. We know that a well-constructed product will last as well as look great. Our experienced staff is eager to answer your questions and discuss your Tuf*Seat bleacher seating needs. Contact us today to request a quote.


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