ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co., Inc. has created an innovative, individualized approach to cafeteria seating. We use our Tuf*Seat technology to make customizable seating that can be personalized to what you want for your cafeteria. You can choose your seating quantity, color, style – everything is your choice!

Long-Term Durability

Tuf*Seat lasts through all kinds of environments. Even if someone spills a liquid on the seating, there is no need to worry. Tuf*Seat cafeteria seating will not splinter, decompose, or absorb moisture, maintaining its high quality for the long run. Tuf*Seat is easy to clean and looks as good as new for many years.

We guarantee that each of our products is top notch. We create them with quality that is required to withstand our difficult quality control program. Tuf*Seats are made to be sturdy and come with a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

Comfort And Relaxation

Along with durability, your Tuf*Seat cafeteria seating will be very comfortable. We engineer our seats to be everything that you want – and that includes comfort for your patrons. Our unique designs give stability and ease to the people who use them.

Classic Styles That Last

You can have style along with being practical. We make our Tuf*Seat products in modern, classic designs that will last just as long as your cafeteria seating. You do not need to choose splintery picnic benches that are difficult to sit in and ugly to see. At ESTERLE, we make a better alternative. You can even choose the color!

Quantity With Economy

If you only need a few Tuf*Seat products for your cafeteria seating needs, do not worry. You do not need to order a large volume to have quality pricing from us. Thanks to the way our production line runs, we can give every order economy pricing, even if it is not a large order.

Contact ESTERLE For Cafeteria Seating

Cafeteria seating is just one kind of Tuf*Seat seating option we have at ESTERLE. We have decades of experience in engineering, mold making and part production. We are focused on making seating that serves your needs and your patrons’ desires. Contact us to learn more about our Tuf*Seat products.