ESTERLE Mold and Machine Co., Inc. was recently contacted to develop new, more efficient methods for creating air intake manifolds. With collaboration, innovation, and design, our engineers have created a three cavity family mold hot runner that produces air intake manifolds at a faster rate than ever before.


Our client first contacted us regarding the part print for the air intake manifold production process they wanted to replace. Air intake manifolds are on top of the engine and mix the vehicle’s fuel with air. This chemical mixture must be a specific, highly combustible ratio; making proper air intake manifolds is important because this mixture starts the vehicle’s engine. The company’s goal was to improve its efficiency in producing this part, making the company much more profitable. To guarantee that we achieved this goal, we met with them to discuss their exact specifications. We studied the plans and discussed the details of their product.


Our result is a three cavity family mold hot runner, which is a hardened mold tool that produces high volumes of air intake manifolds. This machine replaces the company’s earlier manufacturing process, which required them to operate two separate molding machines for 45 seconds each. Now the three cavity family mold hot runner can complete the same work of creating an entire air intake manifold piece within just a single run of 30 seconds. The pieces are assembled right at the press within cycle. Because the cycle time is now less, the work is more efficient and cost effective.


With this new design, the company will be able to enjoy greater productivity and efficiency. The company was pleased when we sent the new parts to Japan. The three cavity family mold hot runner produces 420,000 air intake manifolds every year, improving the business for many years to come.

Collaboration, Innovation, and Design with ESTERLE

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