ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co., Inc. values its customers and often works with them to improve their products, tools, and methods. So it was no surprise when a Fortune 500 paint manufacturer had an idea for a new paint bucket that they came to ESTERLE for help.

Identifying the Problem

ESTERLE engineers and designers worked with the customer’s staff to develop a new 5 gallon paint bucket with a wire handle and two sides for paint roller use. The product had to be developed within a certain price range. This bucket is meant for commercial applications for two painters working together with the bucket between them.

Working Together for Superior Results

The paint manufacturer developed a blueprint and brought it to ESTERLE, where it was modified. ESTERLE helped with material selection. Both teams traveled back and forth for 4-6 months from conception to development to making the parts to prototype development. Two molds were designed and made. A wire handle and stickers were added to the plastic bucket for completion. All materials are American-made to allow for a quick supply chain turnaround.

5 gallon bucketThe product was tested to be sure the handle was strong enough and that the bucket wouldn’t collapse. Then field testing began with prototypes. The workers loved the prototype bucket so much they didn’t want to give it back!

Today the bucket is in production, and sales are higher than expected.

About Product Development at ESTERLE

ESTERLE excels in product development work. Skilled, experienced workers at every level think outside the box to make new things happen. President Richard ESTERLE says, “Our people are our greatest asset.”

ESTERLE offers an extensive range of proficiency in the design, engineering and building of all kinds of molds. We offer mold try-out, qualification, and part production. We can do product development from start to finish.