It’s not every day that you are asked to repair a 7,000 ton bolster system. However, ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co., Inc. was getting requests about every six months from the same customer.

Fixing the Real Problem

ESTERLE works closely with its customers. We listen to what the customer says, not just what he or she asks us to do. When a large automotive manufacturer asked us to repair / rework a 7,000 ton bolster system to help prolong die life, we listened for the rest of the story.

The bolster system was creating a car part every 12-15 seconds. After so much weight moving so fast for so long, it would break down. The dies would break. It took them two days of downtime to install the backup system. This downtime cost them a significant amount of money every hour that the machine was down.
complete bolster systems

Finding a Solution

Our staff worked with the automotive company to get a better solution. Through mutual ideas, we were able to rework the bolster system with a new hard wall that increases the die life. Together we were able to double the life of the bolster system and cut the downtime frequency. Now it will last 12 months before repair / replacement. This significantly cuts tooling costs.


Since the company’s founding in 1976, we have grown into a fully equipped mold and machine company offering the very latest in forged tooling and machining technology.

We have a full-service facility with the best equipment and a highly skilled staff of experts that combine customer service with a desire to help people. President Richard ESTERLE says, “Our greatest asset is our people.”


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