ESTERLE Meets Your Company’s Needs with Our Cold Rinse Tanks

ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co. offers the ideal solution to your rubber curing cold rinse tank needs with our Tuf*Tank system. Our Tuf*Tank is a system designed specifically for the rubber industry. The Tuf*Tank system includes a cascade salt bath, roller curing tanks, and hot or cold rinse tanks. It is an ideal system for a variety of rubber products, including automotive and window seals, wiper blades and other rubber products requiring vulcanization.


Decades of exceptional experience is what we offer at ESTERLE. We have built our business on quality production that includes in-house custom engineering and the custom manufacturing of these products, putting each one of our products through a rigorous quality control program. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to providing you with unmatched quality, offering us the ability to offer you the economy of large production runs regardless of the quantity of our Tuf*Tank cold rinse tanks you purchase.


ESTERLE’s Tuf*Tank system is scientifically designed for efficiency. Our Tuf*Tank cold rinse tank is precisely designed to integrate seamlessly into your production line’s existing system. We send one of our expert engineering team representatives to visit your installation site, take measurements and collect production information so that you are guaranteed a complete solution tailored to your needs. We are also available to inspect your site and offer comprehensive solutions with an entire Tuf*Tank setup. Our representative will consider necessary factors, including extruder height, product curing requirements, roller tank length, rinse temperature and installation factors. At ESTERLE, we’ve designed the Tuf*Tank system to ensure that we maintain or increase your productivity.

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ESTERLE understands that each step in the curing process is critical to the creation of an excellent end product. We understand that a seamlessly moving production line and succinct line speeds are necessary for developing an exceptional product. ESTERLE wishes to help you to make your product the very best product available. Our teams are eager to answer your questions and discuss your cold rinse and other Tuf*Tank needs. Contact us to request a quote today.