With over 30 years of production, ESTERLE Mold & Machine is a name you can trust to save you time and money. Our collapsible core molds eliminate secondary and complex coring procedures while providing dramatic reductions in production times, often substantially faster than with unscrewing mechanisms. At ESTERLE, we make collapsible core molds that can be used in a variety of industries.

Save Money, Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Production costs are a sticking point in your business. At ESTERLE, we understand this, and we’re committed to helping you manage your production costs. We’re committed to being current on the latest processes for lean manufacturing, which means we’re able to keep our prices competitive! And because our collapsible core molds are compatible with other mold modules, such as two -stage ejectors, you’ll be able to use existing equipment, saving you more time and money.

Our collapsible core molds incorporate only three moving parts, which utilize more conventional mold movements. Because of this blending of technologies, collapsible core molds enable part designs that would have previously been considered impossible, now moldable.

At ESTERLE, our collapsible core molds are created with the highest quality and attention to detail using methods we have blended and perfected over the last 38 years.

Designed To Work and Make Life Easier

When you choose our collapsible core molds, you can be assured that our work will be timely and efficient. And we’re prepared for any business you have to offer, because, with our seven injection molding machines and the latest in mold engineering technology, ESTERLE is capable of creating collapsible core molds in the most accurate, cost effective way— no matter the size of your order.

Superior Service and Quality—ESTERLE Offers It All

At ESTERLE, we employ a staff of qualified mold design and development specialists that will exceed all of your collapsible core mold construction needs. Our high quality PVC mold products are backed with outstanding customer service. That makes working with our design and development teams one of the best customer experiences you can get.

See the Difference—Call Today for Collapsible Core Molds

Our customers agree. Their experience with our company speaks for itself. With our state of the art precision equipment, we make collapsible core molds for any and all applications, and because of our emphasis on quality, we are able to provide you with the highest in a quality product at a price that will please you. Contact us for a quote for your next collapsible core mold making project, and see the difference!