ESTERLE Mold & Machining Co. has established its reputation on engineering, constructing, and employing the local industry’s leading compression molds. With more than three decades of experience, ESTERLE offers compression molds that allow for fast cycle times with repeatable dimensional accuracy and minimal material waste. Our process is so advanced that you have the opportunity to test the molds before they ship, ensuring zero production loss when the parts reach your floor.

Compression molds from ESTERLE ensure the highest quality parts achievable in the most efficient and economical processes available.

Fast Cycle Times Save You Time and Money

Efficiency drives all that we do at ESTERLE. From our humble beginnings in 1976, our engineers have studied and evaluated our compression mold systems to reduce unnecessary redundancy and improve automated throughput without sacrificing accuracy or quality. By simplifying the compression mold process, ESTERLE has been able to shorten the start-up time required to put our compression molds into production, allowing us to offer extremely fast cycle times. Reduced cycle times translate into time and cost savings.

Dimensional Accuracy Can Be Tested Before We Ship Your Mold

With the advancements in mold construction and mold material technologies, ESTERLE has leveraged its experience to produce compression molds with unheard of dimensional accuracy. Our capability to create and put into production complex compression molds requires repeatable accuracy. We are so certain that our combination of detailed mold making and reproducible dimensional accuracy will meet even the most demanding part requirements that you can test the molds for production functionality before they ever ship from our facility. Repeatable accuracy translates into quality parts.

Minimal Material Waste Leads to Cost Savings

Speeding production time ensures an economical mold. Improving dimensional accuracy ensures a quality mold. But ESTERLE takes this efficiency one step further. Our engineers work with the most advanced 3D CAD CAM applications to develop molds that minimize material waste. Reducing scrap loss without sacrificing fast cycle times or repeatable dimensional accuracy sets ESTERLE’s compression molds well above its competition. Minimal waste translates into considerable cost savings.


Contact us for additional information about our compression molds. An ESTERLE specialist would welcome the opportunity to show you how our compression mold system would allow you to get the most accurate parts into production more quickly while reducing material waste. Our compression molds will save you time and money. Fill out the form below if you are interested in our compression molding services.