What Makes ESTERLE Special?

custom capabilitiesThere are lots of things that make us stand out, but which one really makes us special?

  • ESTERLE’s highly skilled team of engineers and production specialists
  • Since 1976, we have been providing forged tooling, machining, mold making, and molding services
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment, precision tools, and enormous capacity

So what makes ESTERLE special? While all of these are valuable to our customers, it’s really our passion, our love of a challenge, and our expertise that sets us apart.


Passion drives us every day. The passion for creating quality. The passion for finding the most efficient and cost effective solutions. The passion for taking something only imagined to reality.


If you can think it, we can build it. Our custom capabilities are limited only by your imagination. Our engineers are world-class problem solvers. By using only the latest 3D design software, we can not only design and specify your custom project, but we can help you visualize it before it ever reaches the production floor. Our production facilities are state-of-the-art. By using advanced tooling and machining technology and equipment, we can quickly and efficiently turn your design into a prototype or sample. Our production specialists know the equipment, the materials, and the process like no others.

By relying on our decades of industry experience, we can help you perfect your idea to take advantage of the characteristics of certain materials or the process of its manufacture.


At ESTERLE, we dream of custom and unique projects. It’s because we have highly skilled engineers and production specialists that we’re able to offer custom capabilities. It’s because we have decades of forged tooling, machining, and mold-making experience that we’re ready to tackle something new. It’s because we take pride in having the most up-to-date tools and equipment that we offer to create the previously impossible.

ESTERLE’s Custom Capabilities Make Us Special

At ESTERLE, let us show you how our passion, our love of a challenge, and our expertise make us special. Let us show you how our custom capabilities can turn your ideas into reality.