Whether you’re looking for the perfect seating for your aquatic needs or your stadium, ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co. Inc. has a Tuf*Seat to meet your needs. Our seats are fully customizable, from color to weight and arm rests, every part of the Tuf*Seat is designed so that it will fit seamlessly into your existing location.


At ESTERLE we have been offering mold making, machining and engineering, and injection molded plastics in our family owned business since 1976. We are dedicated to offering expertise, efficiency and customer service. We are as passionate about serving you as we are about our products, which are designed, engineered and manufactured here in the United States.


Our Tuf*Seat is an injection molded plastic product, making it easily customizable in any application. Our seats have been used in auditoriums, theaters, aquatics, stadiums, cafeterias, and more. Tuf*Seats can be customized to meet specific dimensions or altered to accommodate a variety of mounting hardware. The seat surface can be altered to enhance existing anti-slip features or to direct water flow. And Tuf*Seats can be entirely customized to any color scheme that you or your company may require.

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If you’re in need of functional, comfortable, durable seating, contact ESTERLE today. Our Tuf*Seat products are dependable, and guaranteed to last you for years. They won’t peel and are water and chemical resistant. ESTERLE is dedicated to providing amazing products at economic prices. If you have questions or would like to request a quote for our custom seating, contact ESTERLE’s experienced staff today.