Modern machining services have come a long way from hand-drafted prints and mechanical machining mills. With today’s computer-driven speed and accuracy, machining complex, multi-dimensional components is quick, efficient, and cost effective. So why bother with five-axis machining services?five-axis-machining

  • Five-axis machining allows for the fabrication of complex, multi-dimensional profiles from a solid material in a single setup, reducing operator involvement (and possible error) and increasing production capacity and accuracy.
  • Five-axis machining makes use of shorter, more rigid tools, which allow for higher spindle speeds while reducing both vibration and operating load on the tools, improving tool longevity, and reducing overhead costs—savings that can be passed on to you, the customer.
  • Five-axis machining is available for many materials, from steel alloys, stainless steel, and other metals to plastic polymers, fiberglass, and other composites.

Quite simply, five-axis machining takes the best of high-tech machining to the next level in component complexity and production efficiency. Quite literally, if you can imagine it, we can fabricate it!

Setting ESTERLE Apart From the Competition

The availability and accessibility of the five-axis machining technology allow most modern machining shops to offer these services. What sets ESTERLE apart from the sea of shops offering five-axis machining services?

    • ESTERLE has offered machining services since 1976. We were machining complex parts from hand-drafted prints by using mechanical mills long before five-axis machining was a possibility. This expertise makes us uniquely qualified to engineer and fabricate the most complex and intricate parts imaginable.

5-axis machining center

  • ESTERLE boasts modern, technologically advanced, and state-of-the-art facilities with 24-hour availability five days per week, with additional operating time on Saturdays.
  • ESTERLE is 9001:2015 certified. We’re committed to outstanding customer service whether your project requires five-axis machining or any other specialized machining services. Our customers may initially look to us for our expertise or our state-of-the-art facilities, but they return again and again because our customer service is unparalleled.

Simply put, ESTERLE’s five-axis machining services are unavailable anywhere else. Only ESTERLE combines expertise, capacity, and a unwavering dedication to your satisfaction.

Contact Us

One of our experienced professionals would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your next machining project. Contact us about our five-axis machining services or simply request a quote and include as many project specifications, production goals, and schedule requirements possible. One of our specialists will review your project requirements and prepare a comprehensive quote. We look forward to hearing more about your next project!


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