Our innovative engineers used their skills and ESTERLE’s decades of experience to design our Tuf*Tank hot salt tank with the qualities that brought ESTERLE its fame: our Tuf*Tank brand, efficient processing, tailored systemization, skilled engineers, and competitive pricing.

Experience Our Tuf*Tank Brand

Our Tuf*Tank system contains everything you need for your curing production line, no matter your project. If you want to create a single 30’ roller immersion tank, or if you want an entire Tuf*Tank system as an investment for your company, our innovative brand will help you achieve your goals.

Test Our Efficient Processing

Our Tuf*Tank was designed for efficiency, specifically in the rubber curing process. Malfunctioning production lines should not inhibit the success of your business, which is why our hot salt tank is designed to make your vulcanization process fast but thorough. Our single system can be programmed for wiper blades, foam sleeves, automotive seals, and more.

Plan Our Tailored System

At ESTERLE, we tailor to your needs; any system becomes inefficient if it doesn’t meet your requirements. Our specialized combination of state-of-the-art systems can include roller curing tanks, a cascade salt bath, and hot or cold rinse tanks. We also provide individual components to add to your existing production line. Your specifications determine how we arrange these features.

Try Our Skilled Service

Our skilled staff are available to walk you through the ESTERLE process. We send an ESTERLE engineer to your installation site to record extruder height, curing requirements, rinse temperature requirements, roller tank length, and other installation factors, all to ensure that your Tuf*Tank hot salt tank system is exactly right for your business. Then we can install the hot salt tank for you, or we can deliver the system for your own team to install. We follow your lead as your manufacturing facility succeeds.

Enjoy Our Competitive Pricing

Speak with one of our Tuf*Tank specialists about any questions or concerns you may have concerning our system’s configuration details, system components, design, or installation requirements.