sonic-weldingAt ESTERLE, we offer complete mold part production and supply chain management for our customers – from raw materials to fully assembled components to manufacturing systems specially designed to integrate with your production line. And we deliver the flexibility to handle large or small volume – even on stringent deadlines. We make injection molds for all plastic parts applications, including compression and structural foam molds.

We understand that helping you manage your costs for parts production and reduce cycle times is crucial to staying competitive. That’s why we stay on top of the latest processes for lean manufacturing.

Get Design Assistance

Established in 1976, our facility not only specializes in plastic injection molds for engineering, plastic injection molding, and forged tooling and machining, but also in assistance in the design, engineering, and building of all these molds. We have put together a team of experienced experts during these years to assist you in design or engineering applications.

Test Your New Molds

At ESTERLE, we are able to offer mold sampling, qualification, and production using our own seven Cincinnati Milacron injection mold machines ranging from 100 ton to 2600 ton. We feature Cincinnati Milacron injection mold engineering machines in these sizes:

  • 100 ton
  • 220 ton
  • 300 ton
  • 400 ton
  • 500 ton
  • 850 ton
  • 1000 ton
  • 1500 ton
  • 1760 ton
  • 2600 ton

If you need something larger, we also offer larger CNC and manual horizontal boring mills and vertical machining centers for larger forged tooling and machining needs.

Contact Us for Mold Part Production

While our knowledge and equipment meet needs, it is our attention to detail that makes us stand out in the mold making industry. We will double check everything for you, because we know that perfection helps keep your costs lower for parts production and reduces cycle times to help you stay competitive. Contact us today for more information about mold part production.