At ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co., we provide our customers with mold repair services that surpass their expectations. Not only can we create new custom molds just for you, but we can also repair your current molds if they are damaged. ESTERLE can handle small molds up to large molds weighing up to 25 tons. Whether your company is located locally, nationally, or internationally, our mold repair services include the equipment and staff that are crucial to successful mold repair.

The Best In Equipment

Since 1976, we have grown from a small company to one of the top leaders in our industry. Today we are now a large business, complete with mold and machine tools that use the latest technology to repair molds. We have eight different molding machines ranging from 90 ton up to 2600 ton. One of our main mold making tools is a state of the art 3-D CAD/CAM system, among others. Because we keep our equipment up to date, we can repair molds with the detail and precision that you need for high-quality molds.

The Best In Staff

As we have outlined in our mission statement, our goal is to provide dependable services with outstanding products to guarantee your satisfaction. To accomplish this, we train our staff to be experts in using our equipment in making mold repairs. Our staff is trained to use our SOLIDWORKS Design Software, Moldflow Analysis Software, Open Mind CAD/CAM HyperMILL (featuring 5 Axis Capabilities), and our newest tool, a Mitsubishi MVR30 Bridge Mill. All of this equipment and technology is useful with a well trained TEAM that has the knowledge and skill to use it.

The Best Mold Repair At ESTERLE

No matter the extent of the damage, if your mold is clear, multi-colored, smokey, textured, smooth, or any other variety, we have the tools to repair it. Our top-notch equipment and skilled staff have the combined experience you need. Contact us today for more info about mold repair.


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