ESTERLE specializes in mold manufacturing, machining and forged tooling, including pipe fitting molds. Our top-of-the-line machines mean we are capable of efficiently producing pipe fitting molds of the highest quality. We specialize in making any type of pipe fitting mold you require. All of this, combined with over 30 years of experience, is what makes ESTERLE the best choice for all your company’s needs.

The key to ESTERLE’s success has been the innovative design and superior engineering that assures your complete satisfaction with every plastic mold design we create. Our friendly, experienced engineers take your concerns seriously and produce designs that work in a cost effective, deadline oriented method. Our customers return time and again to deal with our pipe fitting mold specialists.

At ESTERLE, our customers can save time and money by calling on us for precision molds of the highest quality. In addition to custom molding and plastic assembly, we provide complete tool design, manufacture and repair.

Injection Molding Experts

Our team is proud of their skills in using advanced injection molding equipment which enables them to provide customers the economy of mass production regardless of the quantity supplied. Each day we meet the challenges of a demanding market in the rapidly changing thermoplastics industry.

While we specialize in injection molds for pipe fittings and PVC applications, we also offer a wide range of expertise in the design, engineering and building of all types of molds, using a variety of mold building steels. ESTERLE makes injection molds for all plastic part applications, including structural foam and compression molds for all products used in all industries. In addition, ESTERLE is able to qualify injection molds and offer short/long production runs at our location by using our own 7 injection molding machines ranging from 90 ton to 2600 ton.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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