Tuf*Seat began with a customer hoping to retrofit an aging stadium. Their idea, approach an established injection molding company. Our solution, a seamless, single contour chair that is versatile enough for use in stadiums, theaters, cafeterias, and swimming pools and is fully customizable. ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co. Inc. has a Tuf*Seat that will meet every need you may have and is fully customizable, from color to weight and arm rests, every part of the Tuf*Seat is designed so that it will fit seamlessly into your existing location or your new construction.


ESTERLE opened its doors in 1976. Since then we have been striving to provide our customers with the absolute best in service at the very best prices. At ESTERLE we have been offering mold making, machining and engineering, and injection molded plastics in our family owned business since 1976. We are dedicated to offering expertise, efficiency and customer service. We are as passionate about serving you as we are about our products, which are designed, engineered and manufactured here in the United States.


At ESTERLE, we understand that your seating needs are varied and unique. Our Tuf*Seat is a perfect, fully customizable, single contour injection molded chair application that is perfect for your install. Our seats have been used in auditoriums, theaters and aquatics. Tuf*Seats can be customized to meet specific dimensions or altered to accommodate a variety of mounting hardware. Our seats are water and chemical resistant so they will not deteriorate. Because they are made of plastic they are also splinter resistant. This makes them ideal for water applications as well. Tuf*Seats can be entirely customized to any color scheme that you or your company may require.

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Functional meets customizable when you contact ESTERLE for our Tuf*Seat products. They are dependable, durable and able to fit in any location. Our Tuf*Seats and a comfortable, economical way to retrofit or complete a new build and they’re completely customizable. Contact ESTERLE today for fantastic, single contour chairs that will last a lifetime. Request a quote today.


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