A comfortable seat really is a must in a theater venue. Esterle Mold & Machine Co. Inc. has the perfect solution for comfort and durability. Our Tuf*Seat is a unique and versatile seating product that can enhance any theater with their entirely customizable color and size options in a system that is durable enough to withstand even outdoor venues.


Esterle has been dedicated to mold making and machining since 1976, that’s more than 30 years of committed, reliable service. Each of our amazing products is developed with care and quality and is tested in our rigorous quality control program. And because of our amazing production process, we can offer our products at low prices, even when your order volume is small.


Esterle has spent the last 30 years developing products that enhance a wide variety of industries. We are proud of our long history of innovation, and Our Tuf*Seat products are no exception. We have developed a product that withstands the weather, provides outstanding comfort and enhances your theater’s style.

With their anti-slip, contour seat bottoms and high backs, Tuf*Seats provide exceptional comfort and support, ensuring that your patrons will stay focused on the performance, not their seating arrangements. Esterle is so confident in their Tuf*Seat’s durability that each seat comes with a 3 year warranty.


Teams, clubs and companies are all discovering that Esterle’s Tuf*Seat has more to offer than just a beautiful, durable seating option, it’s also a wonderful way to fundraise! The knowledgeable associates at Esterle would be happy to discuss how our Tuf*Seat products can enhance your theater seating while raising money for your company or organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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At Esterle, we believe in our products, and we believe in providing you with exceptional quality seating at an outstanding price. Our Tuf*Seat systems are the perfect balance of comfort and durability, and offer a completely customizable system that is perfect for indoor and outdoor theaters. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to answer your questions and discuss how our Tuf*Seat system can be the perfect solution for your theater seating needs. Contact us to request a quote today.


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