Whether you need transportation seating for soldiers, buses, or tour groups, Tuf*Seats from ESTERLE Mold and Machine Co., Inc. are practical and personal. No matter your destination, our Tuf*Seat transportation seating is designed to get you there in comfort, style, and durability.

Comfort And Style

Because we use injection molded plastic, we can make your transportation seating unique. We can texture the surfaces of seats to make them low-slip. You can choose the color of your seating to create a cheerful atmosphere or to match your company’s theme.


Tuf*Seat can handle a variety of weather and conditions. Our transportation seating won’t decompose, splinter, or absorb harmful environmental elements, like moisture. We are so confident in our products that we give you a 3-year warranty for each of our Tuf*Seats. How do we ensure that our products are so durable?

  • With Teamwork: Since 1976, all of our pieces have been designed and produced in our company inside the United States, allowing us to work closely with our customers. Our experienced engineers collaborate with you to guarantee that you get the design you want for your transportation seating. We are family-owned, which allows us to further ensure that we have efficient productivity, experienced engineers, and outstanding customer service. We work hard to meet your specifications. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and this only happens when we work as a team.
  • With Technology: We use our state-of-the-art machining, mold-making, and injection molding technologies to give you a product that will last. We provide many industries with the products they need. Our injection molded plastic process is efficient, enabling us to guarantee that we can give you a fast turnaround that fits your schedule and a price that fits your budget.

Tuf*Seat Transportation Seating From ESTERLE Mold and Machine Co., Inc.

ESTERLE can design and build a custom mold to meet your exact specifications. Our unique Tuf*Brand line is an investment in the future of your transportation needs. Request a quote today to learn more about our comfortable, stylish, and durable transportation seating.


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