ESTERLE Mold & Machining Co. has diversified in a way that capitalizes on its decades-long history of providing superior engineering, mold-making, machining, and injection molding services to provide a unique product line: Tuf*Brand products.

Tuf*Brand Is a Philosophy

ESTERLE’s Tuf*Brand products are less a homogenous line of products than a representation of its philosophical ideal. Tuf*Brand products embody ESTERLE’s engineering prowess, versatility in serving diverse industries, and well-controlled production efficiency, allowing for quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Tuf-Brand ProductsTuf*Tray

Tuf*Tray was developed to meet a specific need in the foodservice industry. Replacing wood boards, Tuf*Tray provides food trays that will not splinter, decompose, or absorb moisture, preventing allergens and contaminants from compromising product quality and safety. Tuf*Tray products are durable, economical, easy to clean, and made from FDA compliant molded parts. Because they can be customized, they’re perfect for a variety of uses in catering services, self-serve cafeterias, hospital food services, bakery production, or buffet displays.


Tuf*Seat is a line of unique and versatile seating products. They bring a level of comfort and cheerful and bright or team colors into stadiums or grandstands, school and public pools, and other locations needing lift chairs or retrofitted bleacher seating. Like Tuf*Tray, Tuf*Seat is extremely durable and can withstand wind and weather without splintering, decomposing, or absorbing moisture. Tuf*Seat can be customized in several ways, as well, and has become a popular fundraising opportunity for school booster clubs and alumni associations.

“Tuf*Brand products embody ESTERLE’s engineering prowess, versatility in serving diverse industries, and well-controlled production efficiency…”


tuf-tankTuf*Tank is perhaps the best example of ESTERLE’s well-controlled production efficiency. Used as curing tanks in the rubber industry, Tuf*Tank line of tanks is built from the ground up to the exact specifications required for a specific application. Although the base design of curing tanks has been around for half a century, for its Tuf*Tank, ESTERLE has taken the production process to a level of efficiency that boasts quicker turnaround despite required customization. As a result, ESTERLE’s Tuf*Tank products are offered at extremely competitive prices.

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To learn more about ESTERLE’s Tuf*Brand product line or see how our design and production philosophy is exemplified in Tuf*Brand products, contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions or to provide an estimate for one or more of our Tuf*Brand products.  Being a captive mold/tool shop with injection molding capabilities, please inquire about your custom product needs to have a tool custom cut for you.


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