tuf-brand tuf-tankWhat Is Tuf*Tank?

Tuf*Tank represents a unique solution in ESTERLE’s Tuf*Brand product line. Available to the rubber industry, a Tuf*Tank system can include a cascade salt bath, roller curing tanks, and hot or cold rinse tanks. As a system, Tuf*Tank can be configured as a complete rubber curing solution for foam sleeves, rubber window seals, automotive seals, wiper blades, and other extruded rubber products requiring vulcanization.

What Components Are Included in Tuf*Tank Systems?

The Tuf*Tank system can be customized to include everything necessary for your curing production line. Whether you’re just replacing a 30’ roller immersion tank or looking for a complete system including a cascade tank with two pumps and independent temperature controls for each zone, a Tuf*Tank system can be configured to meet your requirements. Our base design for cascade tanks, roller tanks, and rinse tanks are configured to mount together to create a complete system. Each component, however, can be configured independently to mount to elements of your existing system. All Tuf*Tank system components can be professional installed or delivered for your team to install.

How Are Tuf*Tank Systems Specified?

A Tuf*Tank system is customized to your exact specifications. To ensure that the Tuf*Tank system will seamlessly integrate into your production line or existing system, an ESTERLE engineering team representative will visit the installation site. All measurements and production information will be collected during the visit so that you’re guaranteed a complete solution tailored to your needs. The ESTERLE representative will consider extruder height, product curing requirements, roller tank length, rinse temperature requirements, and installation factors.

Why Choose An ESTERLE Tuf*Tank System?

Curing tank designs have been in existence for nearly half a century. Few changes have been made to the vulcanization process. Why choose an ESTERLE Tuf*Tank system? Like all of our Tuf*Brand products, the Tuf*Tank benefits from ESTERLE’s decades of forged tooling, machining, mold making, and plastic injection molding experience. Our teams of designers, engineers, production specialists, and support staff leverage our corporate experience to create an extremely efficient production system. Even though our Tuf*Tank systems are completely customized to your production requirements, our Tuf*Tank production process is the most efficient available, allowing us to customize your system for a quick turnaround at competitive pricing.

Find Out More About Tuf*Tank

Our Tuf*Tank team would welcome the opportunity to learn about your production process and provide a quote for services. A Tuf*Tank specialist is available to answer your questions about our Tuf*Tank system components, configuration details, and installation requirements. Contact us today to learn more.