Tuf*tray, manufactured by ESTERLE, delivers. When processing your bakery products, you want them to be perfect. Your company has neither the time nor the money to deal with waste or a contaminated product. We have flat boardsspecial surface boardsre-enforced boardstrays, and flanged edge boards to meet your every need.

“Tuf*tray is a great combination of durability, convenience and modern style.”

Look at the advantages over wood boards

By using Tuf*tray, you avoid all the problems created by wood boards. Our plastic proofing boards will not splinter, decompose, or absorb moisture, which can allow allergens to compromise product quality or safety. Check out our selection of plastic trays and proofing boards today!

tuf tray plastic trayChoose the advantages of a textured surface

Attractive textured surfaces are available. If the bottom is textured, it makes it more difficult for the items to fall from a counter or tabletop. If the top is textured, it makes it easier to remove the food items. Food doesn’t stick to the tray or board.

Enjoy the durability, convenience, and style

Tuf*tray is a great combination of durability, convenience and modern style. This durable plastic is made to endure years of use. These plastics can withstand normal wear and tear for long periods of time. The trays are both durable and economical. These food trays are perfect for a variety of uses. Catering, cafeterias, hospitals, bakeries or buffet displays are all perfect places for these plastic products. Use these food trays to serve all sorts of food. They can be easily stacked when not-in-use to save counter space.

Save with our easy to clean product

Tuf*tray cleans easier and more completely than any other plastic board or tray on the market, saving you money & unnecessary downtime. These plastics for food are sturdy and reusable. They are easily cleaned and brought back out for another use. Save counter and sink space when hand washing by stacking them. They are also dishwasher safe.

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